Courtauld Association Chairman Stuart Lochhead

The Courtauld Association Committee is a group of 12 CA members and six ex-officio members that represents the larger constituency.

Members serve a term of three years, and are eligible for election for up to two consecutive terms. 

The Courtauld is very grateful to these volunteers for their ongoing dedication and commitment. 

Current Courtauld Association Committee members

Stuart Lochhead, Chairman (BA 1994)

Mary-Alice Stack, Secretary (BA 1994)

Mary-Lou Banfield (BA 1993)

Sam Chatterton Dickson (PG Dip 1990)

Cecily Hennessy (PhD 2001)

Alexander Kader

Jerzy Kierkuc-Bielinski (BA 1999, MA 2000, PhD 2005)

Sarah Moulden (BA 2006, MA 2007)

Scott Nethersole (BA 1999, MA 2000, PhD 2009)

Sophie Plender (BA 1969, PG Dip Cons 1971)

Alastair Sooke (MA 2003)

Sonnet Stanfill (MA 1998)


Ex-officio members

Janine Catalano, Alumni Relations Manager (MA 2007)

Emma Davidson, Director of Development

Gareth Morgan, Academic Registrar

Roisin O’Connor, Student Union President (BA 2013)

David Solkin, Dean and Deputy Director (MA 1974)

Deborah Swallow, Director