17th-18th Century Burney Collection Newspapers (Gale Cengage Learning)


Access: Accessible on campus through networked computer, no username/password required. Accessible off campus using Athens username and password.


The Burney collection includes:


  • parliamentary papers from 1603,
  • newspapers from the early 1620s,
  • 18th-century London newspapers, including all major titles, such as the Daily Courant (1702 to 1735) and the London Gazette from 1665,
  • periodicals, such as Addison and Steele's Tatler (1709-1711) and their Spectator (1711-1712),
  • English provincial titles from 1712, such as the Stamford Mercury of 1728,
  • Irish newspapers, the earliest being the Dublin Intelligence of 1691,
  • Scottish newspapers from 1708 onwards,
  • and many 18th-century American newspapers, including the New England Courant (1721-1723).


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