Funding & Scholarships for Postgraduates

US Federal Loans

How to Apply

Note: If you are applying to a programme which runs for more than one year in duration, you will need to complete this process every year.Please refer to the flowchart below for a visual representation of the steps necessary:
US Federal Loans Flowchart

Complete your FAFSA application

First, you need to complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), in order to obtain your Student Aid Report (SAR). The SAR is the document used by schools to calculate a student's loan entitlement.The Courtauld's Federal School Code is: G21200Once your SAR is available, you should mail the original 10-page SAR (and not the online print-out) to The Courtauld at:US Loan Administration Academic Registry The Courtauld Institute of Art Somerset House Strand London WC2R 0RN UKBefore sending your SAR, you should ensure that there is an amount listed in the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) field, as it will be used to calculate your loan entitlement. If you are male and under the age of 26, you should also ensure that you are registered with Selective Services.Please write your Social Security Number on the top, right corner of the first page.

Complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN)

Next, you should complete the MPN, which confirms to the US government that you promise to repay your loans.This can be done electronically at the Federal Student Loans website.Please keep a PDF copy of your MPN for your records and email a copy to us.

Complete your Entrance Counselling

It is a Federal Loan regulation that you complete Entrance Counselling as part of your loan application. The counselling is designed to help you to understand the rights and responsibilities of Federal Student Loan borrowing.You can complete your counselling electronically on the Federal Student Loans website.Once you have completed the counselling, you will be issued with a completion certificate. Again, please keep a PDF copy of your certificate for your records and email a copy to us.

PLUS Loans

If your parent or guardian wishes to apply for PLUS Loans to help you with your studies, s/he will need to complete a credit check, MPN and Entrance Counselling. This can also be done on the Federal Student Loans website.

Again, you should retain PDF copies of the MPN and Entrance Counselling and also send along the confirmation of credit check approval.

To Complete Your Application

In order for the Courtauld to process your application, you MUST send and/or to the Courtauld, the following:

  • Sent the original 10- page SAR by post to The Courtauld.
  • Emailed PDF copies of your MPN and Entrance Counselling Certificate (for Unsubsidized Stafford Loans).
  • (Optional) Emailed PDF copies of your MPN, credit check and Entrance Counselling Certificate for PLUS Loans.

We CANNOT accept the online 5-page version of the SAR.  You must contact FAFSA and specifically request a hardcopy original be sent to you and then mail it to us.  They may tell you that this is not necessary to do and your university can access this information, but this is untrue.  As an overseas institute we MUST have the original 10-page SAR, and it must be mailed to us.

If you have any questions about the sending any of the above, please email

Receive your funds

Funds are sent directly to The Courtauld from the US Department of Education, and you will receive your loan funds in three disbursements. Details will be available in your Enrolment Pack.


Complete your Exit CounsellingAs with Entrance Counselling, you will be required to complete Exit Counselling before you receive your final loan disbursement.This can be completed electronically on the Federal Student Loans website.