Student Life

Image Libraries

Main Visual

As well as the Book Library, students have access to The Courtauld's vast collection of images and reproductions.

The Conway Library

The Conway Library holds photographs of architecture, architectural drawings, sculpture and illuminated manuscripts.

Covering the period from approximately the fifth century B.C. to the present there are also sections devoted to metalwork, ivories, coins and medals, stained glass, panel and wall painting.

The Witt Library

The collection held by the Witt Library includes photographs and reproductions of Western paintings, drawings and engravings from c. 1200 to the present day. The collection now numbers in excess of 1.8 million items with over 66,000 artists represented.

Slide Library

This collection contains more than 200,000 slides covering a range of subjects from painting, sculpture and architecture to illuminated manuscripts, prints and decorative arts.

It also includes videos of art historical interest, including films about individual artists, techniques and museums as well as feature films with art historical themes. There is currently a programme of digitisationunderway to give students access to high-quality digital images for research.

Art & Architecture

The Courtauld's collections of paintings and drawings are available as more than 41,000 digital images on Art & Architecture, a Lottery-funded website. Also available are over 33,000 photographs of world architecture and sculpture, alongside commentaries by current and ex-students and public figures.