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Walter Crane, Beauty and the Beast


A merchant who has fallen on hard times lives in a cottage with his three daughters. When he sets out on a trip, two of his daughters ask for fancy gifts, but his third daughter, Beauty, asks only that he bring her a rose. On his way home, the merchant stops to pick a rose from a garden when he is confronted by a Beast who threatens to kill him unless one of his daughters will take his place. When he returns home, Beauty willingly offers to go to the Beast. The Beast treats her well, giving her every imaginable luxury, but often asks her to marry him, which she politely declines. Finally, he allows her to go home on the condition that she returns within two months. Beauty’s family is much richer and happier than when she left and she stays with them a few days longer than the two months. One night, Beauty dreams that the Beast is dying and returns to his palace immediately. There she finds him unconscious and when she manages to revive him, promises to be his wife. As soon as she says this, the Beast transforms into a handsome prince and tells her she has broken a magic spell that made him a Beast until someone could love him in spite of his ugliness.

Beast Threatening Beauty’s Father

Beauty’s Father Returning Home with the Rose

Beauty is Entertained by the Beast

Woman with a fan attended by apes

Beauty Finding the Beast Dying in the Garden


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