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Walter Crane, The Frog Prince


A young princess goes for a walk through the woods with her favourite possession: a golden ball. When the ball accidentally falls into a deep fountain, a small frog emerges and offers to fetch the golden ball for her if she promises to be his friend. Once the frog gives her the ball, however, the princess runs home. Later that evening, the frog appears at the palace, reminding the princess of her promise which the king says she must honour. The princess grudgingly allows the frog to share her dinner but when he asks to sleep in her bed she becomes angry and throws him against the wall. As soon as he hits the wall, the frog turns into a handsome prince whom the princess then marries. After their marriage, they return to the prince’s home in his carriage. Three iron bands that his faithful servant had bound around his heart to prevent it from breaking when the prince was turned into a frog break one by one because he is so happy his master has returned.

The Princess meeting the Frog

The Frog at the Princess’s Door

The Frog Transformed into a Prince

The Prince and his Servant

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