Court and CRAFT


20 February - 18 May 2014



Bag, Afghanistan, 12th or 13th century
Leather, press-moulded and painted
Copenhagen, David collection















Pair of Earrings
Iran or Iraq, 11-14th century
Gold sheet, wire and granulation
Nasser D. Khalili Collection of Islamic Art © Nour Foundation. Courtesy of the Khalili Family Trust










Humay and Humayun in the garden, from the Khamsa of Kwaju Kirmani
Baghdad, dated Jumada I 798 (March 1396)

© The British Library Board, BL Add. 18113 (folio 40v)

















A drawing from the Diez Album: A lady walking with two pages (detail)
Iran, 14th century
Ink, colours and gold on paper
Staatsbibliothek, Berlin, Diez A fol. 72















Enamelled glass bottle
Mamluk Egypt or Syria, c. 1330
Glass, blown, enamelled and gilded
© The Trustees of the British Museum














The Blacas Ewer
Mosul, Rajab 629 AH/April 1232 AD
Brass, raised, engraved and inlaid with silver and copper
© The Trustees of the British Museum














Juz (section) from a Qur’an for the Ilkhanid sultan Öljaytü
Volume 25 folio 1b and 2a
Mosul, 1310
Ink, colour and gold on paper (brown leather binding)
© The British Library Board, BL Or. 4945 Vol.25 1b and 2a






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