Volume 2, no. 2 (2009)

Monsters lifting a stone slab
Jake and Dinos Chapman (b. 1966 and 1962), Like a Dog Returns to its Vomit (no. 59), 2005. © 2005 Jake and Dinos Chapman (Courtesy White Cube)


immediations, the first research journal to come out of The Courtauld Institute of Art since its inception in 1932, publishes innovative research across the entire span of art history: from classical antiquity to the present day. Reflecting the strong research record of the Institute, immediations approaches the history of art from a wide range of perspectives and expertise, accommodating close reading of individual works of art and architecture, as well as broad theoretical issues.

In this issue:

Unnatural Ornament: Beverley Minster, Historical Consciousness and the Early English Style

Matthew Woodworth


The Locked-Up Garden: The Nature of Medieval Castile

Tom Nickson


‘Antwerpian Rubens’ best skill made him soare’: George Villiers, first Duke of Buckingham and the Elevation of painting at the Stuart Court
Christiane Hille


Dealing with Art: Pier Francesco Mola’s Caricature of Three Ecclesiastics

Edward Payne

Komar and Melamid’s Collective Disappointment
Nadim Samman

On and Off the Page: Andrea Fraser in Conversation
Judith Batalion

Hayden White in Conversation with Carol Mavor

Research Forum