About the Project

The exhibition has been co-curated by the nine students on the MA Programme, Curating the Art Museum, at The Courtauld Institute of Art:

Svetlana Bountakidou / Aryn Conway / Amy-Rose Enskat / Sarah Fletcher / Christopher Huynh / Stephanie Lugon / Charlotte Proctor Smith / Alissa Schapiro / Rachel Walker

The students were given an open brief to bring together two very different collections for an exhibition in The Courtauld Gallery. The Arts Council Collection is a national collection of modern and contemporary British art, with over 7,500 works in a diverse range of media. The Courtauld Gallery's collection reaches from the early Renaissance to Modernist works of the 20th century, and is famous for its outstanding Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings. After researching and exploring both collections, looking for compelling connections between historic and contemporary works of art, the curators arrived at the theme of gravity, which is realised as Falling Up: The Gravity of Art.

Looking at a scale model of the exhibition, in order to plan the arrangement of works.

Testing out wall colours for the exhibition space, looking for a colour that suits both the historical and contemporary works of art.

Deciding upon a suitable hanging height for Peter Paul Rubens’s Descent From The Cross.


Laying out the bricks for Cornelia Parker’s Neither From Nor Towards, as the art handlers begin to suspend them from a mesh attached to the ceiling.

Positioning some of the prints and watercolours from The Courtauld Collection.

Finishing touches – installing the wall text and introduction panel.

The student curatorial team ready for the private view.