Hi everyone, my name is Sophie Partarrieu. I'm one of the MA Curating the Art Museum students. I've put together some podcasts for you about the exhibition process and the installation. I hope you enjoy listening to the student voices!

Students talk about favourite works (by Tacita Dean, John Everett Millais, Thomas Allom)
     [mp3 - 2.5min - 3mb]

English translation of Oskar Kokoschka's "The Dreaming Youths"
     [mp3 - 6min - 8mb]

Students talking about the exhibition making process
     [mp3 - 5min - 6mb]

Student comments: what has this experience taught you
     [mp3 - 2min - 2mb]

Student comments live from the gallery during installation
    [mp3 - 1min - 1mb]