We print below a list of books, catalogues and periodical articles by former students, which appeared between August 2001 and the end of July 2002. For this list, we rely on information supplied by the authors. Please, therefore, be sure to send the Editor, Jane Ferguson, each Spring a note of your publications appearing during the twelve months ending the previous 31 July. The Editor will not be able to include articles in periodicals without the number and month as well as the year, unless specifically informed.

Note: the list does not include publications by current members of the Institute’s staff, many of whom are former students. A full list of publications by members of Courtauld staff appears in the Institute’s annual report, a copy of which may be obtained on request from the Registrar.

Congratulations are due to Professor John Lowden who has won the Otto Grundler Prize, 2002, from The Medieval Institute of Western Michigan University for his two volume work The Making of the Bible Moralisées, Penn State University Press. John comments "The book was many years in the research and writing and producing two self contained volumes (the Press’s idea) simultaneously (my idea) was a challenge."

Architectural History: Essays in Architectural History presented to John Newman, Vol l. 44, 2001 contains the following essays by former Courtauld Institute students:

Anderson, James, "John White Senior and James Wyatt: an early Scheme for Marylebone Park and the New Street to Carlton House".

Bradley, Simon, "The Queen’s Chapel in the Twentieth Century".

Bristol, Kerry, "A Newly-discovered Drawing by James Stuart".

Cherry, Bridget, "Edward Hatton’s New View of London".

Cocke, Thomas, " The Repository of our English Kings: The Henry VII Chapel as Royal Mausoleum".

Coope, Rosalys, "An Intriguing Patronage ?"

Crossley, Paul, " The Nave of Stone Church in Kent".

Draper, Peter, "Canterbury Cathedral: Classical Columns in the Trinity Chapel?"

Eric, Fernie, "Technical Terms and the Understanding of English Medieval Architecture".

Gapper, Claire, "The Impact of Inigo Jones on London Decorative Plasterwork"

Goodall, Ian and Richardson, Margaret, "A Recently Discovered Gandy Sketchbook".

Henderson, Paula, "Maps of Cranborne Manor in the Seventeenth Century".
Higgott, Gordon, "John Newman: An Appreciation".

Howard, Deborah, "Reflexions of Venice in Scottish Architecture".

Howard, Maurice, "A Drawing by 'Robertus Pyte’ for Henry VIII".

Jacques, David, "Garden Design in the mid Seventeenth Century".

Kauffmann, Michael, "John Newman at the Courtauld".

Kingsbury, Pamela, "The Tradition of the Soffitto Veneziano in Lord Burlington’s Suburban Villa at Chiswick".

Knott, Cherry Ann, "Sudbury Hall — Crewe Hall : A Close Connexion".

Maguire, Alison, "Radley Hall - The Rediscovery of a Country House".

Peacock, John and Anderson, Christy, "Inigo Jones, John Webb and Temple Bar".

Pearson, Sarah, "Boughton Monchelsea: The Pattern of Building in a Central Kent Parish".

Perry, Rachel, "Francois-Joseph Belanger’s Bath-House at the Hotel de Brancas".

Porter, Stephen and White, Adam, "John Colt and the Charterhouse Chapel".

Reid, Aileen, "Survival of the Smallest: The Sevenoaks Tenants’ Estate".

Salmon, Frank, "John Arthur Newman: A Bibliography of Books, Papers, Selected Reviews and Miscellanea".

Stevenson, Christine, "Carsten Anker Dines with the Younger George Dance, and Visits St. Luke’s Hospital for the Insane".

Williams, Richard, "A Catholic Sculpture in Elizabethan England: Sir Thomas Tresham’s Reredos at Rushton Hall".

Williamson, Elizabeth and Jurica, John, "The Cottons at Whittington Court".

Woodley, Roger, "River Views: Transformations on the Thames".

Worsley Giles, "Inigo Jones and the Origins of the London Mews".



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