News from CAFS and the Development Office

The Michael Kitson Scholarship Fund

Donors to the Michael Kitson Scholarship Fund gave a total of £10,500 last year, which will fund three scholarships for students taking MA courses in 2004/05 and is again an increase of the previous year’s total of £9,000.
We hope to increase again the total raised this year so that we can offer four scholarships for the year 2005/06 — please complete the enclosed gift form or contact the Development Office about how to make a regular contribution on 020 7845 4690 or

Thank you to everyone who has given during the last year to the Michael Kitson Scholarship Fund, particularly those who are and have been giving a regular gift:

Ms Marjorie Allthorpe-Guyton FRSA, Mrs Marion Ball, Dr Emma Barker, Dr J G Bohler, Professor Sir Alan Bowness, Miss Hilary Brown, Ms Heather Caven, Dr Nicola I Coldstream, Professor Judith Colton, Dr Rosalys Coope, Ms Tessa Craib- Cox, Lady Craufurd, Mrs Georgina Dennis, Dr Sally E Dormer, Miss Elizabeth Edmonds, Dr Dennis L A Farr CBE, Mr Richard Gibson, Miss Mohara K Gill, Mrs Briony Gimson, Dr J Martin Greenwood, Dr Laurie B Harwood, Ms Karen E Hearn, Miss Jennifer Hock, Mr Mark Jones, Mr Martin Kauffmann, Mr Francis P M P G Kelly, Mr David Kitson, Dr Stuart R I Knox, Mrs Marcy Leavitt Bourne, Sir Michael Levey, Mr Oliver Lloyd, Mr Gilbert Lloyd, Mrs Lucinda A Lubbock, Mr David Markwick, Mr H Morton Neal CBE, Mr John Newman, F H Pearce, Mr David Phillips, Mr Leslie Powell, Mrs Anne Purchas, Mrs Gillian Rathouse, Mrs Margaret Richardson FSA, Mrs Pauline Rohatgi, Lady Anne Scott, Mr Robin J H Simon FSA, Miss Susan Smith, The Hon. Anna Somers Cocks, Mrs Gay Stanning, Professor John Steer, Mr G Sujo, Dr John Sweetman, Mrs Penny Treadwell, Ms Marjorie Trusted, Mrs M H Whiteley, Dr Niamh Whitfield FSA, Mrs Sarah Whitfield, The Hon. Mrs Elizabeth Wills.

CAFS summer party

The CAFS 2004 summer party was held on July 5, with a huge attendance. Admission was free owing to the great generosity of our sponsors Simon Elwes, Sam Fogg, William Hathem, James Hyman, Paul Mitchell and Anthony Mould.

Changes in the Development Office

Jim Cuno recognised the importance of the Alumni community and employed Ursula Rimbotti to help within the current team involved in Alumni projects, including Virginia Morck and Oliver Davey, Database Manager. Virginia Morck has been volunteering with the Courtauld for a number of years now and has recently helped us with the Alumni community projects. We thank both of them for their great efforts, as they embark on different projects of their own, Ursula now working at the Natural History Museum in its Development Department and Virginia Morck studying for a Post Graduate Diploma at the Courtauld. We congratulate Caroline Archer, who handled Corporate Affairs with effectiveness and style, on her appointment as Manager of Corporate Partnerships at the V&A.

With regret we also say good-bye to Sophie Hussey, who has now set out on a four-month tour of India. Sophie’s commitment over the past three years to the Courtauld in her role as Head of Charitable Giving in the Development Office has been of the highest order and she will be much missed.

Judy Digney — Head of Development