The Courtauld offers a range of short courses and lectures which are available to the public. We bring you news of some highlights.

Showcasing Art History Series II
The Courtauld opens its doors to the public on Tuesday evenings at 7pm for Showcasing Art History Series II. Twenty-five new lectures are taking place in the Kenneth Clark Lecture Theatre over the autumn, spring and summer terms.

Term 1 Antiquity to the Renaissance
Ten lectures, October to December 2007
Term 2 Seventeenth Century to the Present
Ten lectures, January to March 2008
Term 3 Art as Object
Five lectures, April to May 2008

Lecturers include:
Professor Robin Cormack, Professor Paul Crossley, Professor Aileen Ribeiro, Dr Lucy Jessop, Dr Sarah Wilson, Professor John House, Dr Caroline Campbell, Dr Antony Eastmond, Professor Paul Hills and Dr Deborah Swallow among others.


Summer School
The Summer School 2008 will once again run for four weeks beginning on 14 July until 10 August and the Study Trips will run at various points throughout the year. Led by highly experienced lecturers, the courses will cover a variety of themes ranging from the art and techniques of the medieval period to experimental practice within contemporary art.
The week-long Summer School courses are designed to stand alone or be taken as part of themed strands that span the full month. The full programme will be published in late November on the website and in the printed prospectus.
Lecturers will include:
Dr Richard Cork, Professor John Milner, Dr Cecily Hennessy, Dr Janet Robson, Dr Richard Williams, Dr Clare Richardson, Dr Sudeshna Guha, Dr Michael Douglas Scott, Dr Alixe Bovey, Dr Robert Maniura, Dr Richard Johns, Dr Paula Henderson, Dr Lucy Jessop, Dr Caroline Brooke, Dr Stephanie Buck, Dr Peter Dent, Dr Sara Cochran, Dr Catherine Grant, Dr Sarah James, Dr Anna Lovatt, Dr Jerzy Kierkuc-Bielinski and Dr Christian Weikop among others.

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