The Courtauld’s Endowment: Building future institutional strength

How does the endowment benefit The Courtauld?
The primary function of The Courtauld’s Endowment is to provide enduring support for the academic mission of The Courtauld by releasing a substantial and reliable flow of funds to the operating budget. A strong endowment forms the long-term security for continuing institutional growth, allows The Courtauld to be flexible and provides resources to enable The Courtauld to take advantage of opportunities, thus enabling us to advance the discipline of art history for the future.

In total The Courtauld has now received generous restricted and unrestricted gifts since its inception of £18.849m. The total value of all endowment funds following investment at 30 April 2007 was £28.555m including unrealised growth of £10.2m. Indeed, the annualised growth rate has been 19.6%, out-performing the bench marks in each asset class. The current spend rate from The Courtauld’s endowment is 4% per annum.

The successful growth of The Courtauld’s endowment has been due to careful strategic management of donor funds by The Courtauld’s Investment Subcomittee which is made up of leading financial experts with a range of experience in the financial sector.

Due to the generosity of donors and good management of our assets, we are part way to our immediate goal for an endowment of £50m which would secure us against the impact of external economic vagaries. However, The Courtauld must catch up with its peers, who have a greater level of endowment per student – therefore there is a real need to increase the endowment funds significantly.

How complicated is it to give to endowment?
It’s not. Simply contact the Development Office to discuss which programme area you would like to benefit, and consider the most tax-efficient way to make your gift.

Can I create an endowment in honour of family members or friends?
Yes, for donations of £25,000 or more, and we encourage such endowments. The fund will grow over time, serving as a lasting tribute.

For further information
Emma Davidson, Director of Development
Tel 020 7848 1045