William Hogarth, Southwick Fair, c.1733. Engraving
William Hogarth, Southwick Fair, c.1733. Engraving.

Annual Reunion
16 June 1998 Lecture

Hogarth: Man of the Theatre

Robin Simon, Editor of Art Quarterly and Head of Publications at the National Art Collections Fund will present Hogarth and the Theatre, a lecture accompanied by music and interpretations by William Chubb, former Courtauld student and now an actor.

After the lecture a reception will take place from 6.30 - 8.30 pm in the Witt Library, Courtauld Institute, and there will be an opportunity to view the South Wing of Somerset House with the renowned Naval Staircase, Seamen’s Hall and rooms on the first floor of the south block which will have recently been vacated by the Inland Revenue.

Second-hand Book Sale

After the success of previous sales the Courtauld Association of Former Students is planning to hold another second-hand book sale this year. We have already received books and promises of books from several generous sources. We need a lot more to make the sale worthwhile. Whilst art history books would be the most obvious we welcome books of all types as long as they are in good condition. Paperbacks and periodicals will not be turned away. If you have more books than you know what to do with and are looking for a worthy cause, please send them to the Institute from the beginning of June. The proceeds will help to fund the Association and the Newsletter.

Scholarship Fund and Telephone Campaign

To date the scholarship campaign has raised £6442. This represents three scholarships for needy post-graduate students. In November 1997 present students contacted 600 alumni and donations have since been received from 61 people