For many years The Courtauld Gallery’s store for works not currently on display has been bursting at the seams, so much so that many paintings and decorative artworks had to be stored off-site and were rarely seen for study. Thanks to a generous grant from the DCMS/Wolfson Foundation Museums & Galleries Improvement Fund we have been able to convert one of the rooms adjacent to the Gallery’s display spaces into a new facility, fitted out with bespoke racking and cabinets. This has enabled us to bring almost all of works kept off-site back to Somerset House. The new room has also provided a viewing and preparation area furnished with enhanced lighting, examination tables and an easel where scholars and students can study works that are not on display. This new facility means that the collections are more readily accessible for study and small-group teaching than they have been for many years.

Dr Barnaby Wright, Schroder Foundation Curator of Paintings