This year The Courtauld Students’ Union has organised a wide range of events and societies. Harnessing the wonderful creative and cultural talents of Courtauld students we held the first ever exhibition of our students’ art in the café of the Institute. It was very well attended, the submissions were of staggeringly high quality and it was a wonderful chance for Courtauld students and other artists from within the University of London to display and discuss their work. Also supporting those students who wish to pursue their own practical art practice in conjunction with their art history courses is the new Courtauld Art Society which meets once a week and takes on projects and workshops ranging from photography to sketching still lives. Another blossoming new society is The Week,which aims to provide a space for often entertaining and thought provoking debate and discussion of various social and political issues.

Established groups such as the Business of Art Society and the Film Screenings continue to thrive and provide interesting educational and culturally exciting events. The Business of Art Society has been helped this year by a generous grant from LCase which has meant that it has been able to continue its valuable role in assisting Courtauld students in networking and practical careers advice and ideas. The Film Screenings are gathering an even greater dedicated crowd than before and have this year given rare chances for Courtauld students to see, amongst many others, Future Shorts’ season of short features.

This year The Courtauld Students’ Union has also successfully campaigned on environmental issues, introducing recycling in the café, and have continued to support and campaign for students on welfare and academic issues within the Institute, locally as part of the University of London Union and nationally as active members of the NUS. We hope to continue growing and work hard to support, entertain and win for Courtauld students.

Lizzie Swarbrick, Courtauld Student Union President