Since the beginning of the newsletters in 1990 a continuous series of articles about the departments of the Institute has given a flavour of the diversity of the Courtauld's activities. This issue's article on the Corpus Vitrearum reflects the requirements of today's researchers, focussing on a catalogue of stained glass with applications for the internet. Lindy Grant's article on Lord Conway refers to digitized projects using photographs belonging to the Conway Library. The projects underway are as diverse as Lord Conway's interests.

2001 sees the retirement of two long-standing members of the Institute staff, who will be much missed, Janet Balmforth and John Newman. I personally have good reason to be grateful to both of them. Over the years Janet has obliged me with wonderful photographs, often at short notice. John has masterminded walking tours for the Association of Former Students where he has been a source of fascinating information. I shall long remember his description of the Herculean 19th century struggle involved in finding a site for and then building the Law Courts, which ultimately shortened the life of its architect, G.E.Street. Imagine Lincoln's Inn Fields covered with courts, offices, and cells. Would there have been room for the great cathedral-like central hall?

Jane Ferguson