BA (Oxon), MA, PhD (Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London)

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Dr Antony Eastmond

Antony Eastmond read History at Oxford, before coming to The Courtauld where he took his MA in Byzantine art and PhD in art in medieval Georgia. After two years as British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow at The Courtauld, in 1995 he moved to Warwick University as Research Fellow. In 2001 he was appointed Reader in the History of Art and Chair of Department at Warwick. He returned to The Courtauld as Reader in the History of Byzantine Art in 2004.

He sits on the Wardrop Trust of the University of Oxford (which promotes the study of Georgia in the UK).was on the executive committee of the Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies 1996-2010.

In 2008-2010 he ran an AHRC funded Research Network in the Beyond Text programme entitled Viewing texts: Word as image and ornament in medieval inscriptions.

research Interests


  • Byzantine art in all forms, but especially Byzantine ivories
  • Interchange between Christian and Islamic art in the medieval near east
  • Medieval art in the Caucasus (Georgia and Armenia)


Courses taught in 2011-12


  • MA Option: Byzantium and its rivals. Art, display and cultural identity in the Christian and Islamic Mediterranean
  • BA Topic (first-year): The Pursuit of Leisure in the Middle Ages
  • BA Special Option (third-year): East and West in the Age of the Crusades
  • Contributor to Foundations course (BA first year), and Frameworks course (BA second year)

Titles of PhD theses Supervised

Current PhD topics

Recently completed

  • Byzantine art in treasuries in Siena and Venice (Dr Stefania Gerevini)
  • Byzantine art in Albania in the early Palaiologan period (Dr Anna Christidou)
  • The south-west vestibule mosaic in Hagia Sophia, Constantinople (Dr Eleni Dimitriadou)



Recent/forthcoming publications


Byzantine and East Christian Art (London: Phaidon, 2013)

‘The St Petroc casket, a certain mutilated man, and the trade in ivories’ in D. Knipp, ed., Siculo Arabic Ivories (Rome, 2011)

'Inscriptions and Authority in Ani', in Double Headed Eagle – Byzantium and the Seljuks in Anatolia between the Late 11th and 13th Centuries, ed. N. Asutay-Effenberger (Mainz, 2012)

'Diplomatic commodities: women and art as imperial gifts in the thirteenth century', in Liquid and Multiple: Identities in the medieval mediterranean in the thirteenth century, eds. D. Stathokopoulos and G. Saint-Guillan (Paris: Sorbonne, 2011)

Recent Publications

'Messages, meanings and metamorphoses: the icon of the Transfiguration of Zarzma', in Images of the Byzantine World - Visions, Messages and Meanings. Studies presented to Leslie Brubaker, ed. A. Lymberopoulou (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2011), 57-82

'Consular diptychs, rhetoric and the languages of art in sixth-century Constantinople', Art History 33/5 (2010), 742-765

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book cover

book cover

book cover


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Byzantine art; Medieval art; Christian; Islamic; Artistic Interchange; Wall paintings; Mosaics; Ivories; Patronage; Georgia; Armenia ; Late Antiquity.