BA (Universidad Externado de Colombia), MA (Courtauld, University of London)

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Conservation of Wall Painting Department

The Courtauld Institute of Art

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Sharon Cather
Juana Segura Escobar has a first degree from the Universidad Externado de Colombia in Conservation of Cultural Heritage, and an MA in the Conservation of Wall Painting from the Courtauld Institute of Art, London, UK. She has participated in wall painting conservation projects in Malta, India, China, Georgia and Cyprus. Thanks to a Courtauld Travelling Fellowship, she lectured on her MA dissertation research in Colombia, Peru, Argentina and Mexico. She was a graduate intern at the Getty Conservation Institute, Los Angeles, USA, where she participated in the project MOSAIKON and worked in the Field Projects and Education Departments. She has supervised Courtauld MA students in conservation projects in Cyprus and Georgia.


Research Interests

  • Practical conservation of wall paintings
  • Materials for conservation
  • Open-source software for documentation
  • Alternative practices and technology for conservation documentation

Courses taught

Practical conservation of wall paintings

The objectives of this course are to provide practical applications to familiarise the students with the materials and processes of wall paintings and to introduce the range of conservation materials and remedial interventions.


The objectives of this course are to introduce the principles, theory and practice of all forms of documentation and to ensure competency in prevailing techniques, in particular imaging and computer-based graphic documentation using open-based software.



Recent publications


J. Segura Escobar. ‘Sorbent and abrasive: a critical assessment of the potential role of proprietary synthetic sponges in conservation’, Zeitschrift für Kunsttechnologie und Konservierung (in the press).


Wall painting, practical conservation; wall painting technology; organic materials; earthen materials; organic colorants; conservation education; open-source software; documentation; photography; imaging.