Sarah Wilson with artist and students

British Art

  • English Neo-Romanticism: an Aesthetic of Decline, 1992
  • Traditions and Transmissions: St Martin’s Sculpture Department, 1960-1969, 2007 (oral history component; Tate Britain display)

American Art


  • The Politics of Presentation: Museums, Galleries and Exhibitions in New York, 1929-1947, 1994

French and American Art

  • The Friendship of America and France, A New Internationalism, 1961-1965, 1999

French and German Art


  • Moral Cathedrals: War Damage and Franco-German Cultural Propaganda on the Western Front, 1870-1938. 1997 (co-supervision)

France / School of Paris


  • Secrets de l'Art Magique Surréaliste' Magic and the Myth of the Artist- magician in Surrealist aesthetic theory and Practice, 1993
  • Postwar Abstractions: the paradox of Nicolas de Stael, 1995
  • Marcelin Pleynet and French art criticism of the 1960s 1997
  • Picasso Rewriting Picasso: Poetry and Plays, 1936-1959. 1997
  • Surrealism and the Politics of Eros in France after 1945. 1998
  • `Un Art Autre': Michel Tapié and the Informel adventure in France, Japan and Italy, 1998.
  • Blind Man's Buff: Marcel Duchamp's Fountain and the critical reception of the Ready-made, 1913-1968. 1998
  • Pilgrimage to the Millenium: Sacred Art in France, 1962-1995, 2000
  • The Outsider as Insider: Jean Dubuffet and the United States, 1945-1973, 2002
  • Needing the Sun, Francis Picabia and the Mediterranean, 2005
  • Michel Foucault and Visual Art, 1954-1988 , 2007
  • Femmes Révolutionnaires: Women and art in 1970s France

Italian art


  • The Archeology of Knowledge: Excavating Arte Povera 2010

Soviet Art


  • Representations of `Fizkultura in Soviet Culture from the first Five-Year Plan to the outbreak of the Great Patriotic War , 1998

  • Socialist Realist Orientalism? Depictions of Soviet Central Asia, 1934-1954 2010

Spanish Art


  • Antoni Tàpies, 2009

Currently under supervision


  • Reconfiguring Korea and the West: Korean artists in Europe, 1950s-1980s
  • James Rosenquist.
  • From A-Ya to Collective Actions, Moscow Conceptualist Performance and poetics
  • ,Miseria, Misericordia e Mascolinità: Italian Neorealist Photography in the 1950s
  • Temporal Dissonance in Contemporary Israeli Photography and Video
  • Collective Art: Politics and Authorship in 1960s Western Europe (1957- 1968)
    The Institutional History of the Soros Foundations and Their Role in the Cultural Discourse of the Successor States of Former Yugoslavia , 1991- 2001
  • Between Gulag & Guggenheim: (Post)Soviet Art and the U.S.A, 1981- 2001
  • Documents of 1970’s Action Art and Process-oriented P Production in Socialist Poland