The Courtauld Art Gallery provides students with special educational needs and Hospital School students with an opportunity to engage with and explore artworks from the Courtauld collections, through site-based sessions and outreach workshops.


Gallery talks’

(One hour)
Based around a theme relating to the Courtauld collections, talks can range from discussion of three to four artworks to a multi-sensory exploration which focuses on one artwork. Props, replicas and handling objects are used in the Gallery to support these talks.



(Two to four hours)
Workshops take place in the Gallery in front of artworks, followed by a practical session in the studio space. Each workshop is tailor-made to the particular requirements of the group and can include multi-sensory exploration, handling sessions, storytelling and practical activities.



(Two to four hours)
Outreach sessions are offered to Hospital and Special school groups who are unable to visit the Courtauld Art Gallery. Artist-educators use large laminated reproductions of artworks and sensory resources to support these sessions.

Previous Project: Armiture Dramatics

Artist Ashley Davies worked with students from the Aquarius Unit, Springfield Hospital to prodce animations that take inspiration from Edgar Degas The Dancers. Participants made wire armitures and then filmed stop frame animations in miniture discotheques, the modern equivelant of the theatres and music hall Degas' Dancers may have performed in.

3 stills from the Armiture dramatics film

in memory of Jordan