The Courtauld Institute of Art boasts a unique and atmospheric location in the Grade 1 listed, historical building of Somerset House. However, because of its setting, The Courtauld currently does not have full disabled access to all its study areas. Most of the teaching rooms are accessible to those with mobility issues but others, such as the Conservation Studios where part of the ‘Introduction to Art History’ course and Summer School course 3 will be taught, unfortunately are not. There are a number of steep staircases to be negotiated. There is also no wheel-chair access to the Southbank Mosaics rooms (course 17), while courses 9 and 20 include extended walks.  There are a couple of steps also to The Courtauld Gallery Print Room, where part of the ‘Introduction to Art History’ will be taught, and which will be used by courses 5, 13, 14, 23 and 27.

Please note that we may not be able to accommodate any access requirements unless you communicate these clearly at the time of booking. Therefore, please inform us as soon as possible and at least a month in advance of the course if you require a fully accessible teaching space. And where possible, apart from the ‘Introduction to Art History’ and Summer School courses 3 and 17, which cannot be re-located, and courses 5,13, 14, 23 and 27, which use The Courtauld Gallery Print Room, we will strive to arrange it. 

Please also bear in mind that all Summer School courses include visits to museums, galleries and other sites within London, its surroundings or nearby cities and therefore a certain degree of physical activity . If you have any doubts whether a particular course is suitable for you, please contact us for further information.