• The Facture Factor: Tracing the Artist’s Hand and its Value in the Changing Art Museum

    The Art of Waiting: Time Seen and Spent in the Museum

  • Frames of Experience: Encountering Immersive Installation Art in the Museum

  • Something Old, Something New: Contemporary Artists at the National Gallery

  • Olfactory Dimensions Contemporary Art and the Museum’s Relationship to Smell

  • A Gentleman’s Home is his Castle: Restaging the Collections of Beckford, Hope and Walpole

  • Tornare: Addressing Provenance and Patrimony after the Met-Italy Accord

  • For Liberty? Propaganda and Identity seen through Exhibitions during the War: the Artists International Association’s ‘For Liberty’ Exhibition, 1943

  • Please Do Not Touch: Tactility Implied and Denied in the Art Museum

  • The Museum with and without Walls: New media and Contemporary Art at the ZKM Karlsruhe

  • Modern Missionaries: the Contemporary Artist as a Voice for the Church




  • The Adventure of the Immaterial: Live Art in Museum Collections

  • Institutionalizing Modernism: Exhibition Catalogues and their Presentation of Modern Art in the Early Years of the Museum of Modern Art and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Collection of Non-Objective Paintings

  • The Challenges of Preserving and Communicating Personality in the Personality House Museum

  • The (Dis)embodied Ear: Sight and Site in the Display of Sound Art

  • One World: the Incorporation of Contemporary International Art into British Collections and Displays: the Middle Eastern Case

  • Educating Consumers: Temporary Exhibitions and Design in Post-War Britain, 1946-1953

  • The Old Master, X-Rayed, Examined and Exhibited: the Display and Interpretation of Technical Material at the National Gallery, London

  • Faded Meanings: Exploring Museological Approaches to the Interpretation of Christian Art in Spain and Britain

  • Art Bucks Recession Fear? A Critical Analysis of the Challenges facing Museums and Galleries in the UK, and the Survival Strategies employed by these Institutions during the Current Downturn in the Economy.

  • Display is Interpretation: Approaches to Integrating Interpretive Material in Six UK Galleries

  • The Studio on Display: Artists, Institutions, and the Creation Space in Conversation


  • Out of Sight, Out of Mind: the Display and Interpretation of Portrait Miniatures

  • Access/Income/Scholarship? Assessing the Changing Roles of the Exhibition Catalogue in England from 1970 to the Present

  • Private Art made Public: Alternative Models for the Display of Contemporary Art

  • Art for Art’s Sake? Factors affecting Curatorial Practice in the Hospital Environment

  • ‘A Good Plot, Good Friends, Full of Expectation’: the Loan of Paintings from the National Portrait Gallery to Montacute House 1975-2008

  • The Object, the Artist and the Gallery Space: Three Exhibitions at the Whitechapel Art Gallery between 1969 and 1971

  • Art among Artefacts: Lessons from the Imperial War Museum and the Wellcome Collection

  • Setting the Tone: the Dutch Collection at the National Gallery, London, seen through the Lens of Three Major British Collectors

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