Research Centre for Illuminated Manuscripts Conference

Illuminating Narrative: Visual Storytelling in Medieval Manuscripts
Sat 9 & Sun 10 Jul 2005, 9.00 - 17.00
Kenneth Clark Lecture Theatre

Conference PROGRAM

Registration and coffee: 9am

Session 1: 9.30-11 (Chair: Alixe Bovey)
James A. Rushing, Jr. (Rutgers University): Visualizing the Aeneid in Latin and the Vernacular: Two Modes of Manuscript Illustration around 1200.

Katrin Kogman-Appel (Ben Gurion University of the Negev)
: 'The Firm Believer Discerned Thy Truth’: Abraham as a role model for the persecuted believer

Coffee: 11-11.30

Session 2: 11.30-1 (Chair: Kathleen Doyle)
Anna Russakoff (Institute of Fine Arts, NYU): The 'Conversion of a Saracen’: miraculous images and visual narrative in the Gautier de Coinci Manuscripts

Henrike Manuwald (Universität zu Köln)
: Pictorial narrative in legal manuscripts? The Sachsenspiegel manuscript in Wolfenbüttel

Kyung-hee Choi (Pratt Institute)
: Visual adaptation of the foundation legends in the V&A Missal of Saint-Denis

Lunch: 1-2.30

2.00-2.30: Dr Mara Hofmann (British Library) will give a presentation on the British Library’s Digital Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts

Session 3: 2.30-4 (Chair: Kathryn Smith)
Will Noel (Walters Art Museum): W. de Brailes Makes history: The place of Walters Art Museum Ms. W.106 in thirteenth-century biblical illustration

Richard Leson (Johns Hopkins University and Walters Art Museum):
Picturing the Life of David in the thirteenth century: The Morgan Library Psalter-Hours M.730

Tea: 4-4.30

Session 4: 4.30-6 (Chair: John Lowden)

Eric Ramírez-Weaver (Institute of Fine Arts, NYU): Perceiving William of Conches’ Arguments in the Dragmaticon Philosophiae: Philosophical continuous narration in a Codex from Madrid

Wolfgang Kemp (Universität Hamburg):
On Thematic Narration

Reception and Private View:
Tacuinum Sanitatis: An Early Renaissance Guide to Healthat Sam Fogg


Session 5: 9.15-10.30 (Chair: Lucy Sandler)
Kathryn Smith (New York University): Narrative Strategies in the Taymouth Hours (London, BL, Yates Thompson MS 13)

Alixe Bovey (Research Centre for Illuminated Manuscripts): Danish invasions, St Dunstan of Canterbury, and the story of England in the Smithfield Decretals (London, BL, Royal MS 10 E IV)

Coffee 10.30-11

Session 6: 11-1 [Chair: Mara Hofmann]
Alison Stones (University of Pittsburgh): Seeing the tale: the comparative picture in Lancelot-Grail manuscripts

Marie Jacob (University of Paris X-Nanterre):
Evolving narrative cycles in late fifteenth-century French illumination: a study of the Romuleon manuscripts translated by Sébastien Mamerot

Inès Villela-Petit (Bibliothèque nationale de France): To enliven battle scenes in the Histoire ancienne: the example of the Trojan War in BnF. fr. 301

Lunch: 1-2

Session 7: 2-3.30 (Chair: Will Noel)
Sarit Shalev-Eyni (Hebrew University of Jerusalem): Sacred and profane: The making of Jewish and secular illumination

Eva Frojmovic (University of Leeds): Narration and nation? Visual storytelling in illuminated Hebrew manuscripts in thirteenth-century South Germany

Tea: 3.30-4

Session 8: 4-5.30 (Chair: Scot McKendrick)
Lynn Ransom (Rare Book Department, Free Library of Philadelphia): Reading and misreading the Stein Quadriptych: Observations on the interpretation of a pictorial Vita Christi

John Lowden (Courtauld Institute):
Visual Narrative in the Bibles Moralisées


5.30 — 7

Bennett & Kerr Books will present a selection of books to tempt delegates during coffee and lunch breaks on Saturday.

Registration includes refreshments, lunch and evening receptions.

The RCIMS gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the Courtauld Institute Research Forum and Sam Fogg.

Courtauld Institute of Art
Somerset House, Strand
London WC2R 0RN