European Trade in Painters’ Materials to 1700
International Conference organised by
The Courtauld Institute of Art and the National Gallery, London

February 11th and 12th, 2005

Contributions as at 22.3.2004

Abstracts accepted for presentation (and publication)

1 Peter Spufford — Keynote lecture

2 Andreas Burmester and Christoph Krekel,'Pigmenta et Colores: The Artist’s Palette in Pharmacy Prize Lists’.

3 Wendy Childs, 'Commodities and the international trade routes of late medieval Europe’.

4 Nicola Costaras, 'The Smalt Trade in Early Modern England’.

5 Julia A. DeLancey, 'Shipping Colour: merchants in Florence and Venice as importers of pigments prior to 1700’.

6 Ursula Haller, '"Administrator of Painting". The Purchase- and Distribution-Book of Wolf Pronner (1586-1590) as a Source for the History of Painting Materials’.

7 Maria Haywards,'The London Linen Trade 1485-1649'

8 Gunnar Heydenreich, 'Towards the end of civilisation: sources, quality and trade of Lucas Cranach’s painting materials’ [working title].

9 Jo Kirby, 'Trade in painters’ materials in sixteenth-century London’ [working title].

10 Roland Krischel, 'The inventory of the Venetian vendecolori Jacopo de’ Benedetti’.

11 Susanne Kubersky-Piredda, 'The Market for Painters’ Materials in Florence between 1400 and 1600’.

12 Koos Levy-van Halm, 'Production and Distribution of Paint-Wares in 17th-Century Holland’.

13 Louisa C. Matthew and Barbara H. Berrie, '"Memoria de colori che bisognino torre a vinetia": Venice as a centre for the purchase of painters’ colours’.

14 Anna Melograni, 'Manuscript Materials: Cost and Market in Renaissance Italy’.

15 Luca Molà, 'The supply of materials for the Italian tapestry industry during the Renaissance’.

16 Per Norseng and Unn Plahter, 'The trade in painters’ materials in Norway in the High Medieval and Late Medieval periods’ [working title].

17 Doris Oltrogge, 'Recipe books as a source for the trade of painters’ and scribes’ materials’.

18 Ad Stijnman, 'Frankfurt Black: tryginon appelantes, faex vini arefacta et cocta in fornace’.

19 Ian Tyers, 'The European trade in boards 1200—1700’.

20 Filip Vermeylen, 'The colour of money: dealing in pigments in sixteenth-century Antwerp’.