Courtauld Institute of Art Graduate Symposium 2008
17th-18th January, Kenneth Clark Lecture Theatre


Thursday 17th January, 2-6pm   

2pm: Welcome and opening remarks

2.30-3.30pm: Spain and Beyond
Edward Payne, Plate-cutting and Body-slicing in Seicento Naples: Ribera’s Bartholomew Print
Tom Nickson, The Arab Cathedral: British Travellers to Toledo and the Origins of Gothic

3.30-4pm: Tea break

4-5pm: Re-viewing the Gothic
Michalis Olympios, Gothic Architecture in Cyprus c.1300: The Case of the West End of Nicosia Cathedral
Ayla Lepine, Collaborative Beauty: The Painted Ceiling of Jesus College Chapel, Cambridge

5-5.30pm: Spatial Identity (part 1)
Robert Hradsky, Courtyards and Cloisters: Interpreting Public Space in the Post-Restoration Inns of Court

Friday 18th January, 2-6pm, followed by a drinks reception

2-3pm: Networks and Societies
Esmé Whittaker, Leading a Double Life: The Arts and Crafts House as Rural Retreat
Sarah Turner, Contact Zones: The India Society and Colonial Modernity in Edwardian Britain, c. 1910

3-4pm: Text and Image
Charlotte De Mille, Rhythm: La Tendance Nouvelle
Laura Cleaver, Learning to Read in the Art of the Twelfth Century

4-4.20pm: Tea break

4.20-5.20pm: Mark-making
Caroline Levitt, From the Walls of Factories to the Art of the Poet: Illustration and Inscription in the Work of Apollinaire and Breton
Nicole Lawrence, Made Without Brushes? Ugo da Carpi's Saint Veronica Altarpiece

5.20pm: Spatial Identity (part 2)
Philippa Simpson, Schools of Art

5.50pm: Closing remarks

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