spring 2011 friends lecture series

Global Conceptualism

Art Without Work

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

17.30 - 18.30, Kenneth Clark Lecture Theatre

image of a young woman's face next to another image of her talking to another, and another couple preparing for a show (?)
Video still from A Guiding Light, 2010, by Liam Gillick and Anton Vidokle. Courtesy of the artists, Performa, and Casey Kaplan, New York

Speaker(s): Anton Vidokle (artist and founder of e-flux)

Ticket/entry details: Open to all, free admission

Organised by: Dr Sarah Wilson and Professor Boris Groys

If the ultimate condition of production of art is life in the world, can art simply come about through a certain way of being with others? Is work essential for an art work to come into being? Vidokle's lecture will discuss conceptual and post-conceptual artistic practices that place emphasis on producing conditions of production, circulation and distribution, rather than creation of discrete art objects.

Anton Vidokle was born in Moscow and lives in New York and Berlin. His work has been exhibited in shows such as the Venice Biennale, Liverpool Biennial, Lyon Biennial, Dakar Biennale, and at Tate Modern, London; Musée d’art Moderne de la Ville de Paris; Museo Carrillo Gil, Mexico City; UCLA Hammer, LA; ICA, Boston; Haus Der Kunst, Munich; P.S.1, New York; among others. With Julieta Aranda, he organized e-flux video rental - an artwork in the form of a travelling video rental store, which travelled to numerous art centers in Europe, North and South America. As a founder of e-flux, he has produced projects such as Do it, Utopia Station poster project, and organized An Image Bank for Everyday Revolutionary Life and Martha Rosler Library. Vidokle initiated research into education as site for artistic practice as co-curator for Manifesta 6, European Biennial for Contemporary Art, which was cancelled. In response to the cancellation, Vidokle set up an independent project in Berlin called Unitednationsplaza — a twelve-month experimental school involving more than a hundred artists, writers, philosophers, and diverse audiences. Most currently, Vidokle is collaborating with Julieta Aranda on Time/Bank.

This lecture series will complement the new Research Forum/Andrew W Mellon Foundation M.A. on ‘Global Conceptualism’, run by Dr Sarah Wilson with Visiting Professor Groys (New York University) who will be teaching its philosophy-based component in the Spring term. Known for his active role in the Moscow Conceptualist art movement, Groys’ The Communist Postscript (Verso 2009) pursues a story which is now playing out in the reconfiguration of the global art world. The impact of the conceptual art to which he responded in the late 1960s was felt across the world, from West to East and from northern to southern hemispheres. Here the father-figure of the movement, Joseph Kosuth, returns in the company of younger generations of artists, art historians and curators who extend reflections upon art, object, image and word through time and space from their specific geographies and histories to the immaterial.

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