Faculty Seminar

PR and Photojournalism in War

Thursday, 1 November 2012
16.00, Research Forum South Room

US Army photographer at work, Iraq, 2010 US Army photographer at work, Iraq, 2010Speaker(s): Dr Julian Stallabrass
Ticket/entry details: Open only to members of The Courtauld's teaching and curatorial staff. RSVP by 29 October for catering purposes to Researchforum@courtauld.ac.uk
Organised by: Professor Caroline Arscott

A discussion of the changing relationship between the military, the state and the media in wartime, with Vietnam and Iraq as the main cases. Both were wars fought as public, mediatised demonstrations of US power, and neither went as planned. Iraq was in many ways designed as the definitive riposte to the perceived PR disaster of Vietnam. How did the changes in technology, media ownership military management and resistance affect the photography made in each of the conflicts, and the uses to which it was put?

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