British Georgian Society Lecture

Tao-Klarjeti: Legacy and Perception

Thursday 28 June 2012
18.00 - 19.00, Research Forum South Room

Speaker(s): Irene Giviashvili (Chubinashvili National Research Centre for Georgian Art, History and Heritage Preservation)
Ticket/entry details: Open to all, free admission
Organised by: Robert Scallon (British Georgian Society)

The term Tao-Klarjeti was used by 20th century Georgian scholars to describe the medieval Georgian provinces in modern North-Eastern Turkey and the related cultural heritage.
In the Middle Ages (9th-11th centuries) Tao-Klarjeti was the cradle of Christianity and of Georgian statehood and its cultural renaissance. In modern times it has remained a place of spiritual inspiration, which no-one could visit from the Soviet Union until the borders were opened between Georgia and Turkey in 1992. Thousands of tourists now come every year to visit monuments like Oshki, Bana, Parkhali, Khakhuli, Otkhta Eklesia, Ishkani, Khantsta, Doliskhana …

Dr. Irene Giviashvili is a Senior researcher at G.Chubinashvili National Research Centre for Georgian Art, History and Heritage Preservation, she is a nominator/ spokesperson of Oshki Preservation Project, Worlds Monument Fund Watch List 2012.

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