Sacred Traditions and the Arts seminar

Art in the Face of Trauma

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

18.00 - 19.30, Research Forum South Room

Speaker(s): Professor Tim Gorringe (St Luke’s Professor of Theological Studies, University of Exeter); Dr Glenn Sujo (G. F. Watts Associate Artist)

Ticket/entry details: Open to all, free admission

Organised by: Professor Ben Quash (King’s College London) and Dr Scott Nethersole (The Courtauld Institute of Art)

This seminar will explore from two perspectives how 20th-century art has responded to 20th-century traumas. These two perspectives contrast in being, respectively, Jewish and Christian, but also in bringing insights from the practice of art, and the practice of theology. As is usual in the Sacred Traditions and the Arts seminar, the two papers will each be around 20 minutes long, and the discussion that follows will permit opportunities to discuss and explore both congruence and contrasts between them.

The seminar on Sacred Traditions and the Arts is a joint venture between the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at King’s and The Courtauld. It seeks to place researchers in dialogue who are working on any aspect of the sacred and visual culture. It is open to all scholars and students who have an interest in exploring the intersections of religion and art regardless of period, geography or tradition.

There will be ample time for discussion and questions following the papers. The event will be concluded by an informal reception.

Tim Gorringe is St Luke's Professor of Theological Studies at the University of Exeter. His academic interests focus on the interrelation between theology, social science, art and politics. His books include Karl Barth: Against Hegemony (OUP, 1999 - a study of the theologian in his social and political context), Furthering Humanity: A Theology of Culture (Ashgate 2004), The Common Good and the Global Emergency (CUP 2011) and Earthly Visions: Theology and the Challenges of Art (Yale 2011). He is at present working on a two year AHRC funded research project on the values which underpin constructive social change. In this short presentation he will raise some questions on the extent to which painting can or should respond to horror and pain.

Glenn Sujo is contributing author to G. Pollock, M. Silvermann, eds., Concentrationary Memories (London, 2013) and D. Mickleberg, C. Granof, eds., Last Expressions: Art from Auschwitz (Chicago, 2002), and is author and curator of Legacies of Silence: The Visual Arts and Holocaust Memory (Imperial War Museum, 2001) and Artists Witness the Shoah (Graves Art Gallery, 1995). A study of the life and work of Auschwitz survivor Yehuda Bacon, Disseminating Memory: Lines Across an Abyss is the subject of a book and exhibition (in preparation). Glenn Sujo is G. F. Watts Associate Artist. Lifelines, an exhibition of his work opens at the Lewis Elton Gallery, University of Surrey later this year.

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