The Associate Scholars group is made up of, predominantly, early-career researchers based at The Courtauld in conjunction with distinguished Visiting Professors.  Postdoctoral Fellows working on a range of topics and Visiting Lecturers and Visiting Professors teaching courses at The Courtauld form the core membership of this group.  The Associate Scholars meet at least once a term giving an opportunity for the members to offer presentations and share knowledge about their research. 

The 2011-2012 Associate Scholars are listed below.

Monia Abdallah

Charlotte Ashby

Thomas Balfe

Tim Clark

Elizabeth Currie

Amy de la Hay

Charlotte de Mille

Amanda Delorey

Kate Grandjouan

Emily Gray

Chris Green

Sarah Guerin

Jim Harris

Sarah Hyde

Lucetta Johnson

Susan Jones

Klara Kemp-Welch

Ayla Lepine

Maria Mileeva

John Milner

Juliet Mitchell

Natialia Murray

Bronwyn Ormsby

Ed Payne

Janet Robson

Elisa Schaar

John-Paul Stonard

Glenn Sujo

Mika Takigushi

Lisa Tichner

Zahira Veliz

Rose Walker

Kuenga Wangmo

Giles Waterfield

Catherine Yvard