Madonna of Humility (Courtauld Gallery Panel) [P.1947.LF.202]. Attributed to Jacopo diCione(82 x 47.5 cm). c. 1390. During varnish removal.

For this year’s Courtauld’s Collections project, two Research Associates, studying art history - Roxanne Sperber and Alexandra Thom - were each paired with two further Research Associates from the Conservation & Technology Department (easels) - Anna Cooper and Harriet Pearson respectively - to research two paintings from The Courtauld Gallery - a fourteenth-century Florentine panel painting and a sixteenth-century painting of “Job and his Comforters” - which are undergoing conservation. This resulted in a cross-disciplinary approach to the study of the paintings. The Research Associates presented the results of their research at workshops on 4 March and 13 June 2011.

Download Research Associate’s presentations:

Pdf icon Harriet Pearson and Alexandra Thom's joint research project on Job and his Comforters

Pdf icon Roxane Sperber and Anna Cooper's joint research project on The Technical and Historical Findings of an Investigation of a Fourteenth-Century Florentine Panel from the Courtauld Gallery Collection