2009-10: Object in Focus at The Courtauld Gallery


Project coordinated by Dr Alexandra Gerstein

In late autumn 2009, the Research Forum will appoint four Research Associates to form a team examining objects in the decorative arts collections of The Courtauld Gallery which are rarely if ever exhibited. Their research will result in Object in Focus displays in the Gallery.  In addition to Gallery labels Associates will prepare different types of interpretative texts to be placed on the Gallery’s website, thus helping to build up a store of possible displays for future use. They will also prepare a report for publication on The Courtauld Institute of Art (Research Forum) website. In addition, the Associates will present their research during workshops in the Research Forum in the spring and summer terms, these workshops will be attended by interested scholars at The Courtauld and invited guests. The Research Associates will work under the direction of Dr Alexandra Gerstein, Curator of Sculpture and Decorative Arts in The Courtauld Gallery.

The Research Associates will lead discussions about the project at two workshops to be held in 2010. Reports on the results of their research will be available on this website.

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