Project coordinated by Dr Alexandra Gerstein at the Courtauld Gallery in Somerset House from June to August 2010.

Behind the Scenes


The research associates responsible for putting together the Objects in Focus display presented their research at the Research Forum on Monday 21 June 2010. You can download the presentation images below:

Sam Rose's presentation: Timeline of the Project [1.2 MB]
Sam Lake's presentation: The Label-Writing Process [1 MB]
Laurence Goodwin's presentation: The Display Installation [2 MB]
Eileen Rubery's presentation: Researching the Portraits Case [10 MB]


A number of people have provided assistance with the project. On the Research Forum side we would especially like to thank Caroline Arscott, while on the Gallery side the registrar, Julia Blanks, has been particularly helpful. Joff Whitten and Ron Cobb were both instrumental in various aspects of setting up the display. We would also like to acknowledge the help of Eva Bensasson and Kerstin Glasow in setting up the webpage. Finally, we would like to thank the Curator of Sculpture & Decorative Arts at The Courtauld, Alexandra Gerstein, who has supervised and guided the project throughout, and without whose help the display would not have been possible.

Sam, Laurence, Sam and Eileen

This display was curated by Sam Lake, Laurence Goodwin, Sam Rose, and Eileen Rubery.

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