The files are mp3s and around 30mb each.

Courtauld Generations 1: 1960-1975 (Tuesday 29th January 2008)

Chaired by Professor Christopher Green (Courtauld Institute of Art), this first panel explores the period from 1960 to 1975, a period of growth and innovation for the Courtauld and of expansion for the discipline of art history as a whole. These years saw the launching of the Institute’s MA in the history of art, as well as the foundation of new faculties in such new universities as Sussex and East Anglia, opening the way to fresh approaches in a still young university subject. It also saw important developments in art publishing and in exhibition making that offered an unprecedented range of opportunities.
Speakers: Dr Joanna Cannon (Courtauld Institute of Art), Professor Eric Fernie (former Director, Courtauld Institute of Art (1995-2002) and Honorary Fellow), Professor Griselda Pollock (University of Leeds, and Director, Centre CATH (Cultural Analysis, Theory & History), Sarah Whitfield (freelance curator and art historian)

Courtauld Generations 2: 1975-1990 (Tuesday 19th February 2008)

Chaired by Dr Joanna Woodall (Courtauld Institute of Art), this second panel explores the period from 1975 to 1990, a period when the discipline was challenged by new methodologies and fields of enquiry with new force, and when for some the Courtauld represented resistance to change. Among topics raised are the actual diversity of experience within the Institute, and the importance of its continuing commitment to the material object as the focus of art historical work.
Speakers: Penelope Curtis (Henry Moore Foundation), Professor Liz James (University of Sussex), Professor David Solkin (Courtauld Institute of Art), Dr Alison Wright (University College London)

Courtauld Generations 3: 1990-present (Tuesday 11th March 2008)

Chaired by Dr Barnaby Wright (Courtauld Institute of Art), this third panel covers the period from 1990 to now, asking what has been distinctive and memorable in the student experience of art history at the Institute in the recent past, and what new possibilities are being opened up here by the discipline.
Speakers: Laura Cleaver (Courtauld Institute of Art), Dr Anna Lovatt (University of Nottingham), Dr Charles Miller (Courtauld Institute of Art), Dr Sarah Monks (University of York), Scott Nethersole (Courtauld Institute of Art)

Anthony Blunt: part 1 (Tuesday 10th February 2004)

Chaired by Professor Christopher Green
A recording (originally made on cassette tape) of a round table discussion on Anthony Blunt held in the Kenneth Clarke Lecture Theatre in 2004. Participants were: Miranda Carter, Professor Robin Cormack, Professor John Golding, Professor Christopher Green, Professor Michael Hirst and Professor Peter Kitson.

Part 2 of the Blunt round table discussion will be available shortly.