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Courtauld Books Online is a series of scholarly books published by The Courtauld Institute of Art.  The series will include research publications that emerge from Courtauld Research Forum events and Courtauld projects involving an array of outstanding scholars from art history and conservation across the world.  The series will consist of discrete books, shaped by a rigorous academic peer-review process.  This will be an open-access series, freely available to readers to read on line and to download without charge.  The series has been developed in the context of research priorities of The Courtauld which emphasise the extension of knowledge in the fields of art history and conservation, and the development of new patterns of explanation.

Series Editor: Caroline Arscott 

Courtauld Books Online Advisory Board:  
Paul Binski (University of Cambridge)  
Thomas Crow (Institute of Fine Arts)  
Michael Ann Holly (Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute) 

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Cezanne and His Card Players book cover

Modernist Games. Cézanne and His Card Players  is the inaugural publication of Courtauld Books Online. 

Editor: Satish Padiyar  
With contributions by:  
T. J. Clark  
André Dombrowski 
Gavin Parkinson 
Charlotte de Mille  
Satish Padiyar   
Margaret Iversen

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research forum related books (printed format)

The Research Forum exists to further the Courtauld Institute’s aim of supporting outstanding achievements in research in the visual arts and in conservation studies by promoting new scholarship and furthering exchange. The books listed below have been published from the proceedings of conferences, lectures, symposia and research projects organised under the auspices of the Research Forum.

Display and Displacement: Sculpture and the Pedestal from Renaissance to Post-Modern (1550-2000) Display and Displacement:
Sculpture and the Pedestal
from Renaissance to Post-Modern (1550-2000)

Edited by Alexandra Gerstein (The Courtauld Gallery)
Publication date: May 2007
242 x 168 mm, hardback
168 pages, 60 illustrations
ISBN 978 1 903470 30 5

Display and Displacement  is published by Paul Holberton Publishing as the first of a Research Forum series of conference publications.

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immediations, the first research journal to come out of the Courtauld Institute of Art since its inception in 1932, publishes innovative research across the entire span of art history: from classical antiquity to the present day. Reflecting the strong research record of the Institute, immediations approaches the history of art from a wide range of perspectives and expertise, accommodating close reading of individual works of art and architecture, as well as broad theoretical issues.

immediations is published under the auspices of the Research Forum.

Oil painting by a contemporary artist inspired by trees in a medieval ivory relief
Cover: Henrietta Simson, Where Jason Sowed the Dragon's Teeth, oil on panel, 2009

Art and Nature:
Studies in Medieval Art and Architecture

immediations Conference Papers 1, edited by Laura Cleaver, Kathryn Gerry, and Jim Harris (London, 2009). A collection of papers by Research students and emerging scholars presented at Leeds International Medieval Congress in 2008.

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