Tuesday 29 April, 7.00-9.00pm, The Courtauld Gallery

The party celebrated the significant contribution made by Samuel Courtauld Society members to The Courtauld. As well as the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful music and hospitality, members were able to meet many of the people who have benefited from the support of the Friends of The Courtauld.

Jane Ferguson, Jacqui and John White

Philip Hudson

David Butter and Debby Swallow

Nicholas and Lavinia Wallop

Lucia Halpern and Victoria Agnew

Cenk Oguz, Rebecca Emery and Roger Emery

Chris Green, Stuart Lochead and Sophie Richard

Erik Vynckier and Antony Hopkins

Julian Agnew and Nicholas Ferguson

Friends' Scholar Abigail Shapiro and Deborah Bennett

Antony Hopkins, Ernst Vegelin and Sabine Blumel

Sabine Blumel and Shelley Sims

Elke and Michael von Brentano

Susan Weingarten and Mary Ellen Cetra