Is there a limit to matching online donations during the December Challenge?


Yes, the limit will be £5,000 per donor per charity. Donations over this amount will have the first £5,000 doubled (if funds are available) and the surplus will be processed as a normal unmatched donation.


Will offline donations be doubled during the December Challenge?


No. All donations during the December Challenge must be made online through the Courtauld’s ‘donate online’ page on The Big Give website, without exception.


For this reason, the Courtauld's normal online donation pages will be temporarily disabled between 6 and 8 December so that as many online gifts as possible are doubled £1 for £1.

Will the Courtauld be able to see my donation details so that they can record my participation and thank me?


Yes, the Courtauld can view the names of all Big Give donors in their secure charity account area on The Big Give website. We will also see your contact details unless you have asked not to be contacted.

What happens when the Courtauld reaches the £40,000 overall target?


The Courtauld’s charity donation page will clearly state that no further donations will be doubled and will encourage further unmatched giving after our success in the Challenge.



Can you process my donation online for me if I ask you to?


No, this is strictly forbidden by The Big Give. However, if you are struggling to use The Big Give's website you can contact them with any enquiries at

When you email The Big Give, please also include Samuel Coote, Individual Campaigns Manager at so that he can keep a log of any questions or concerns that come up and feed these back to The Big Give from the Courtauld as a whole.

Will all of the matched funding disappear on the first day?


No. The Big Give will stagger the release of the matched funding over three consecutive days from 10am on Thursday 6 December. Once the daily allocation of matched funding has been exhausted, matching will pause until 10am the following day.

Is the Courtauld competing against all other charities for the matched funding?


No. There will be a number of pots of matched funding all running at the same time. Each matched funder chooses the group of charities they wish to support and the Courtauld will be competing against those organisations for the matched funding available.

Can the Courtauld claim Gift Aid on the December donations?


The Big Give will do this on the Courtauld’s behalf where donors have indicated that they are eligible. In 2010 they claimed Gift Aid on 89% of online donations. All Gift Aid payments will be passed to the Courtauld as soon as they have been received from the taxman (HMRC).

What payment methods are accepted?


Donations must be made online using a debit/credit card. The following card types are accepted:


MasterCard / Visa / Maestro / Switch / Solo / Delta / American Express

Can I make a donation from abroad?


Yes, so long as you have one of the accepted card types. Please be aware that the Challenge begins at 10am GMT (London, UK time) each day of the December Challenge so set your clocks accordingly!


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