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Every gift in every will makes a difference. Your legacy gift could help us...

  • Ensure long-term financial viability and enable The Courtauld to rise to the challenges of the future, meet emerging needs and undertake critical new initiatives;
  • Strengthen The Courtauld’s work, sustain its margin of excellence, and reinforce its leadership position;
  • Attract and retain the highest quality students and faculty;
  • Advance the intellectual growth of its community;
  • Preserve, care for and display the world-class collections.

Government support for higher education and for cultural institutions has not kept pace with the rising costs of maintaining academic excellence. In 2013/14, the government funded 23% of The Courtauld’s £13.4 million annual budget. Student tuition fees provided 27%, research income was 5% and other income (such as income from the Gallery and shop) 17%. The rest of our budget, 28%, comes from private philanthropic sources such as gifts from those who remember The Courtauld Institute of Art in their will.

Your legacy gift could fund a scholarship for a budding art historian, conservator or curator; it could pay for a workshop for state school students to learn more about studying art history; or it could help us rebind and repair books from our Book Library collections or conserve one of our Gallery's masterpieces. Wherever your gift is spent, your legacy will help to ensure The Courtauld's continued and significant contribution to creating access to the visual arts.


Your professional adviser can advise you how to make a straightforward gift to The Courtauld Institute of Art for general purposes. This way, The Courtauld can use your gift where it is needed the most. The majority of our members and supporters make their donation in this way because such gifts allow The Courtauld’s Board of Governors to carefully consider how to make the best use of your gift to meet the changing priorities of the time.


The Courtauld’s current strategic and financial targets are as follows. Of course, you should bear in mind that these targets may change over time.

Annual funds go to work immediately to sustain and enhance The Courtauld’s programme and resources. Until our endowment has grown substantially, annual funding is our highest priority.

Scholarship funds are critical to attract the brightest students and to ensure they have the means to come to The Courtauld.

Endowment funds lead to long-term security and provide a critical buffer to changes in the economy. The Courtauld launched its endowment in 2002 and its goal is to grow it to £50 million. It is currently valued at £36 million as a result of generous gifts and prudent investment.


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