The Courtauld is delighted to announce that, thanks to the generosity of more than 2,800 donors from a wide range of supporters including alumni and staff, parents and friends, it has not only met, but significantly exceeded, the HEFCE matched funding programme challenge of £8.25 million by raising the extraordinary sum of £9.5 million [£9,539,448].

Märit Rausing Director, Professor Deborah Swallow said: “The Courtauld has been absolutely overwhelmed by the support and enthusiasm shown by its alumni and friends for this critical programme and cannot thank them enough for this public demonstration of support”.

The HEFCE matched funding challenge began on 1 August 2008 and has been completed three years later on 31 July 2011.  The Courtauld’s challenge was to raise £8.25 million in order to attract matched funding of £2.75 million.  Gifts in this period ranged from £5 to over £500,000, and were made to a whole range of urgent Courtauld needs: from the support of academic and curatorial posts and scholarships, to donations to the libraries, conservation and exhibitions.

In the last six weeks of the campaign, when it was evident that The Courtauld was close to meeting its target, an unprecedented level of gifts was received.  The Courtauld attracted two new grants from the American Friends of The Courtauld and other trust gifts, which enabled the Institute to not only achieve but significantly exceed the sum required.  In addition, the response to this year’s Annual Fund was extraordinary breaking all previous years’ records with 495 donors making gifts to create a total Annual Fund for 2011 of over £107,000.

The bulk of the matched funding of £2.75 million will be allocated to the continuing campaign to build The Courtauld’s endowment, currently standing at £31 million, in order to provide a secure base of regular income for the future.

The Courtauld wishes to thank everyone who has enabled it to achieve this extraordinary result, from the board and committee members who have given so much of their time and financial support, to the thousands who have made generous donations.  


On 11 October The Courtauld announced its most recent major campaign gift of £790,000 made by The Friends of The Courtauld to The Courtauld’s endowment.  This gift is made in honour of The Friends of The Courtauld’s 40th Anniversary which is being celebrated this year.  Lucia Halpern, Chairman of The Friends of The Courtauld said, ‘The Friends’ Trustees were unanimous in their decision to make this extraordinary gift to The Courtauld’s endowment.  The gift was made possible by careful stewardship and investment of funds raised in prior years and a substantial increase in membership.  Not only will this gift assist The Courtauld in building a secure future but, by being made at this time, the gift will attract significant matched funding thus making a total contribution of over £1 million to the endowment.  It was an opportunity not to be missed and, as the Friends’ charity is one of the earliest private supporters of The Courtauld, we are delighted to be able to play a key role in helping to meet this new challenge and secure The Courtauld’s future.’

Since the launch of the HEFCE challenge on 1 August 2008, over 1,300 donors (individuals, trusts and companies) have made donations and pledges from £5 to over £2m.  The Courtauld is deeply grateful for this support and encouraged by this strong response in a difficult financial climate. 


The Courtauld Annual Fund 2010 has raised £60,970 with over 400 people donating to the Annual Fund in the 2010/11 academic year. This sum will also attract additional matched funding from the Higher Education Funding Council of England (HEFCE) of approximately £20,320 which will be directed to The Courtauld’s endowment fund.

£50,326 of Annual Fund support was directed towards  The Courtauld’s greatest need, which at close of the 2010 Annual Fund to invest in training the leading teachers and academics of the future through The Courtauld’s Visiting Lectures Programme.
Read more about the programme.

£2,135 supported galleries and conservation, £1,771 libraries, £1,650 student support and £4,655 scholarships. Thanks to sustained support from Annual Fund donors, Alexandra Burnett, The Courtauld Annual Fund Scholar, has now successfully completed her MA in Curating the Art Museum at The Courtauld.

The Courtauld thanks all Annual Fund donors for their generous and continued support. If would like any more information about The Courtauld Annual Fund or the HEFCE matched funding programme, please contact Samuel Coote, Individual Campaigns and Legacies Manager by phoning 020 7848 2728 or emailing

Courtauld Annual Fund 2010 – first ever telethon launches!

On 7 April, 15 Courtauld students came together in the IT centre at The Courtauld to participate in our first-ever telephone fundraising campaign.  Courtauld Chairman, Nick Ferguson, and Director Professor Deborah Swallow, visited the group to wish them well as they embarked on the first night of calling Courtauld former students.

These calls are very important to The Courtauld as part of our efforts to build closer links with those who are involved with us including our alumni and other supporters. As part of the call students are keen to explain how important The Courtauld Annual Fund is.  When a large number of people make a regular gift, this translates into a significant income stream, providing critical support to The Courtauld. 

Most importantly, this year and until 31 July 2011 the Annual Fund will attract HEFCE matched funding.  For every £3 given The Courtauld receives £1.

Click here for more Annual Fund 2010 information and to make a donation



The Courtauld Gallery Curator of Paintings
Lecturer in History of Dress and Textiles

In 2006 The Schroder Foundation committed three years of funding to The Courtauld Gallery’s Curator of Paintings.  This is a key role both in terms of its responsibility for the Courtauld’s collections of paintings as well as continuing research into the collection, its display and exhibitions.  We are delighted that the Schroder Foundation has generously confirmed that it will fund this post for a further three years.  Not only had the Schroder Foundation been impressed by the work undertaken in the previous three years and wishes to support further work of this kind – such as the recent exhibitions The Courtauld Cézannes and Love and Marriage in Renaissance Florence: The Courtauld Wedding Chests - but it also wishes to ensure that The Courtauld attracts HEFCE matched funding by making this second gift.  Not only does this post now have continued support, but it will attract up to £50,000 in further matched funding.

Dr. Nancy Ireson

The permanent post holder is Dr Caroline Campbell (Courtauld MA 1995, PhD 2000).  While Dr Campbell is on maternity leave, the Schroder Foundation Curator of Paintings is Dr Nancy Ireson (Courtauld BA 1999, MA 2000, PhD 2007).  Dr Ireson is currently working on the autumn exhibition Cézannes Cardplayers as well as a future exhibition around Toulouse-Lautrec’s depiction of Jane Avril in works on paper and in paintings.

In 2008 the Oak Foundation was a new donor to The Courtauld and supported Professor Aileen Ribeiro’s post.  On Aileen’s retirement, we were delighted that the Foundation committed continuing support for the History of Dress at The Courtauld for a further significant five years of funding.  The current grant made in 2009 supports the new Lecturer in History of Dress and Textiles, Dr Rebecca Arnold.  Rebecca teaches on the BA programme, and her new MA in the History of Dress and Textiles - Dress, Body, Space and Modernity: Fashion in the City, 1919-1939  – will begin in autumn 2010.

The Courtauld is hugely grateful for these important gifts. Support for posts is urgently needed across The Courtauld – and part-time and full-time posts can be supported and named on an annual basis, or endowed and named permanently.

First year’s funds raised!

We are delighted to report the good news that thanks to the generosity of many donors the first year’s matched funds of £2,087,337 in 2008/9 were raised.  This was just over the £2m goal for the first year of the matched funding campaign and we are also on the way to year two’s target of £3m by end of July 2011.