A scholarship at The Courtauld is a special gift; the combination of an exceptional art collection, conservation programmes and the study of art history under one roof, stands as something truly unique".

Veronica Bulgari (MA 1990) scholarship supporter


The Courtauld Scholarship Fund

The Courtauld Scholarship Fund offers our supporters an opportunity to participate at one of three Patron levels and for a duration of their choice:

OPTION 1 - Set up Your Named Scholarship
For a gift of £5,000+pa we are pleased to offer the opportunity to name the scholarship for the period of your support, which could be in your name, the name of an organisation or of a person who inspired you.

Suggested minimum annual gift levels:
Student Patron:       £5,000+ pa
Class Patron:          £15,000+pa
College Patron:       £25,000+pa

Please consider a multi-year pledge
The Courtauld warmly welcomes single donations for one year of study, which can give support to an MA student through his/her one-year course.  However, PhD and conservation courses require three years of study.  Supporting students for the full three years of their course provides stability and peace of mind for the student.

Suggested duration of support: three years (renewable)

Named Scholarship Gift Form


OPTION 2 - Make a Gift of £100pa  (or more)
We also welcome gifts of £100pa or more (as a single annual gift or spread over the year through direct debit) as a contribution to The Courtauld Scholarship Fund. The more donations that are received, the larger the fund, and the more students you and other contributors can support.

Donate to scholarships online through the Courtauld Annual Fund Payment Form


OpTION 3 – Endowed Scholarships

For gifts of over £125,000 scholarships can be endowed and named in perpetuity.  Most recently, friends, colleagues and supporters joined together to create The Nicholas and Jane Ferguson Scholarship Fund, an endowed scholarship named after the former Chairman of The Courtauld Institute of Art.

Find out more about Endowment Gifts


The impact of your donation

Your gift will

  • Ensure the continuity of The Courtauld’s role as a world centre of scholarship in art history and conservation;

  • Ensure the most promising students train as much-needed curators, art historians and conservators, who will ultimately go on to interpret and preserve collections for future generations, regardless of their ability to pay for their education;

  • Allow students to take full advantage of The Courtauld’s resources without the distraction of ‘making ends meet’;

  • Enable PhD and conservation students to make long-term commitments to three-year postgraduate studies

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