For a full list of academic staff view the Academic Staff page.

For a full list of gallery staff view Gallery Staff page.

Academic Registry

Dr Gareth Morgan (Academic Registrar)
Jonathan Stephen (Student Record and Data Manager)
Lisa Lu (Admissions and Enrolment Supervisor)
Alex Hawkins (Admissions and Enrolment Officer)
Carla Bull (Records and Assessment Officer)
Beverly Coates (Records and Assessment Officer)
Peter Dixon (Student and Staff Services Officer)
Dez Mendoza (Student and Staff Services Officer)
Petula Buck* (Registry Assistant) * temporary appointment

Staff Publications

Dr Karin Kyburz (Staff Publications)




Robert Thorpe (Director of Operations)

Graeme Hood (Head of Finance)
Wesley Clarke (Senior Finance Officer)
Anne Mackey (Finance Manager)
Alex Mitchell (Finance Assistant, Accounts Payable)
Sachin Shah (Finance Assistant, Accounts Receivable)

Anthony Tyrrell (Facilities Manager)
Roger Bowman (Facilities Officer)
Justin Inniss (Accommodation and Bookings Officer)
Teresa Fogarty (Receptionist)
Susan Horsfield (Receptionist)

Human Resources
Anjum Saad (Human Resources Manager)

Research Forum

View the Research Forum people page

Development Office

View the Development Office contact page


Marketing and Communications

Michael Sherry (Head of Marketing and Communications)
Kallaway (Public Relations Agency)
Emily Butcher (Gallery Marketing and Communications Manager)
Rosemary McAlonan (Institute Marketing and Communications Manager)
Eva Bensasson (Website Manager)

Phill Purdy (Website Project Manager)

Public Programmes

For general enquiries please email

Henrietta Hine (Head of Public Programmes, supported by Dr Michael and Anna Brynberg)
Sarah Green (Gallery Learning Programmer)
Meghan Goodeve (Oak Foundation Young People's Programme Co-ordinator, part time)
Alice Odin (Oak Foundation Young People's Programme Co-ordinator, part time)
Dr Anne Puetz (Programme Manager – Short Courses, part time)
Jackie Sullivan (Short Courses Administrator)


Antony Hopkins (Kilfinan Librarian, Head of Book, Witt and Conway Libraries)

Book Library

View the Book Library people page

IT Department

Alasdair Sowerby (Information Technology Manager)
Sundip Lotay (Information Systems Administrator)

Digital Media

Tom Bilson (Head of Digital Media)

Slide Library

Nicholas Orchard
Jonathan Vickers

Gallery Shop/ Front of House

Nigel Dickman
(General Manager)
Caireen McGinn (Visitor Services and Operations Manager)