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photograph of cover of immediations
Ed Ruscha, Firedome V-8 (for immediations), gouache on paper, 2003. This drawing was specially commissioned from the artist by immediations and is dedicated to the future success of the journal.
‘Tending the lamp’ or ‘minding their own business’? Bloomsbury art and pacifism in the First World War
Grace Brockington

Sexual politics; or, John Stuart, Earl of Bute and Augusta, Dowager Princess of Wales in English graphic satire, 1760-62
Ruth Kenny

‘Mad’ memorials: Picasso’s 1927 Apollinaire monument designs and the politics of commemoration
Charles Miller

Rescuing difference: ambiguous heroism in Benjamin West’s General Johnson Saving a Wounded French Officer from the Tomahawk of a North American Indian
Courtney Noble

Men in gowns: nightgowns and the construction of masculinity in eighteenth-century England
Ariane Fennetaux

Back to the drawing board: feminist reconsiderations in the work of Jenny Saville and Sarah Sze
Judith Batalion

immediations, the first postgraduate research journal to come out of The Courtauld Institute of Art since its inception in 1932, publishes innovative research across the entire span of art history: from classical antiquity to the present day. Reflecting the strong research record of the Institute, immediationsapproaches the history of art from a wide range of perspectives and expertise, accommodating close reading of individual works of art and architecture, as well as broad theoretical issues.