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immediations cover Yoko Ono, My Mommy Was Beautiful, 1997, magazine cover concept for immediations, 2005. ©Yoko Ono 2005, all rights reserved. The Power of Beautiful Nudity in Donatellos Bronze David
Scott Nethersole

The Iconographic Programme of the Barbarossa Candelabrum in the Palatine Chapel at Aachen: A Re-Interpretation
Hanna Wimmer

Dirk Boutss Last Supper Altarpiece and the sacrament van mirakel at Louvain
Edward Wouk

Birds of a Feather? Gauguins Ambivalent Relationship with Literary Symbolism
Linda Goddard

Too Beautiful for a Man: Androgyny in Gustave Moreaus Mythological Subjects
Rachel Sloan

A Queer Turn?
Proto-Pop and the Shadow of Abstract Expressionism
James Boaden

immediations, the first postgraduate research journal to come out of The Courtauld Institute of Art since its inception in 1932, publishes innovative research across the entire span of art history: from classical antiquity to the present day. Reflecting the strong research record of the Institute, immediationsapproaches the history of art from a wide range of perspectives and expertise, accommodating close reading of individual works of art and architecture, as well as broad theoretical issues.