In Memoriam

Courtauld medievalists will be sad to learn of the death in a car crash in France of Professor Larry Hoey, of the University of Wisconsin. Most of Larry's work was on 12th and 13th century British Architecture and he was a frequent visitor to Britain and to the Courtauld Institute. A memorial service will be held for Larry's many British friends in the Autumn.

We record with regret that Frederick d'Broeder, b.1935, who studied in London and at the Courtauld 1690-65 died on 8 July, 2000.

Former Student Activities & Achievements

Kerry Bristol (PhD '97), has been appointed Course Director of the MA in Country House Studies and Director of the Centre for Architecture and Decorative Arts at the University of Leeds.


Jeffry Hamburger's (Fulbright Scholar at cia 1979-80) book The Visual and the Visionary: Art and Female Spirituality in late Medieval Germany, (New York: Zone Books, 1998) has been awarded the Roland H. Bainton Book Prize for Art and Music History for 1999 and the Charles Rufus Morey Award for 2000. He has been appointed a professor of Art History at the Department of History of Art and Architecture, Harvard University, Sept 2000.

Professor Lee Johnson (MA '54), has been named "Chevalier de l'ordre des Arts et des Lettres" by the French Minister of Culture.

Fabrizio Nevola, PhD '98 has received a Medici Archive Project Fellowship, 2000-2003. He will study the conquest of Siena and its integration into the Medici Grand Dukedom.

Victoria Price has written Vincent Price: A Daughter's Biography (Macmillan, Nov. 2000) Vincent Price studied at Yale and then art history at the Courtauld 1934-5.


Sarah Wilson continues her catalogue of artistically placed former students

Julian Stallabrass (PhD '92) has now joined the teaching staff of the Courtauld as a modern specialist after a secondment for a year to the Tate Gallery as Mellon Fellow. On the academic front we are also proud to announce the appointment of Alyce Mahon as twentieth century specialist in the Art History department at the University of Cambridge, where one may expect exciting collaborations with Jonathan Blackwood (MA'96)and Simon Groom (PhD'99): both have recently taken up jobs in the Kettle's Yard. John Wood (PhD 01) has a new post at the Henry Moore Centre for the Study of Sculpture in Leeds, working under Penelope Curtis, while Patrick Elliott (PhD '87) has longbeen a curator at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh, working under Richard Calvocoressi's (MA 1975) direction.

Returning to academe, Justine Hopkins (MA '86) teaches at the University of Bristol while Simon Dell (BA'89) takes up his post at the University of East Anglia in October. Moving abroad, John Welchmann is now a tenured professor at the University of Southern California at San Diego, Memory Holloway (MA'79, PhD'95) is Assistant Professor at the University of Massachusetts. Romy Golan (PhD'90) has moved from Yale to the City University of New York (CUNY), while Jenny Harper (MPhil'82) teaches art history at
the University of Auckland, New Zealand and Fay Brauer (PhD'97) is Head of the department of art history in the University of New SouthWales in Sydney, Australia.

As far as curatorial news is concerned, Antonia Bostrom (PhD 1996) is assistant curator at the Detroit Institute of Arts, Kenneth Wayne (MA87) has moved to the Albright Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, William Jeffet (PhD'92) is Exhibitions Curator at the Salvador Dali Museum, Saint Petersburg, Florida, while after curating several successful exhibitions such as Duchamp and Cornell, Michael Taylor (MA'65) in Philadelphia is busy with retrospectives of both Barnett Newman and Dorothea Tanning - if my news is up to date!

The transition from critic or historian to artist is possible. From
Courtauld student to international art provocateur one has only to consider the case of Jeremy Deller (BA'87), Courtauld habitue for many years after he left us, whose posters I spotted in the restaurant of the Musee de la Ville de Paris and whose works my BA students saw recently at the millennial exhibition Changement d'Air at the modern art museum in Villeneuve d'Ascq, near Lille.

Changement d'Air/ Changement d'Ere? - One must not forget Max Wigram, who has reverted from James Bond lookalike artist to Norman Rosenthal's diabolical henchman for the contemporary Apocalypse exhibition at the Royal Academy this autumn. New faces and new energies for the millenium ? "It really is a bit too much". Chris Green (PhD '73) - who must take no small responsibility for the current situation - has the
last word.

Please keep the Courtauld Former Students Association, the registry and your teaching contacts at the Courtauld informed with your latest career news and contact numbers. Sincere apologies to all those who should also have featured in this article

Sarah Wilson (PhD'92)


CAFS Annual Reunion 2000

CAFS held the 2000 Annual Reunion in the newly-opened Gilbert Collection.

The architecture and installation were much admired and Timothy Scroder, the distinguished silver scholar and then curator, emphasized in his short talk of introduction that the essence of Gilbert's collection was the importance of excellent and intricate craftsmanship. With the beauties of the decorative arts to inspire the group the former students then adjourned to the Gallery for a very cheerful and successful party. It is always
gratifying to see former students returning to the Institute and finding plenty to say to others with shared experiences.


The 5th Annual Second Hand Book Sale

Once again CAFS is very happy to announce the results of a successful book sale. The sale earned £4500 in support of the Association and CAFS is very grateful to the Director for allowing the reception area to be dominated by books for several weeks, to all those who generously donated books, to Paula Henderson, Liliane Fredericks and Prisca Schutts
for help with pricing and to the efforts of the Craftsmen, the
Development Office and the Reception Hall staff without whom the sale could not go on.

Jane Ferguson


News from the American Friends

The American Friends of the Courtauld report that their 5th Annual Book Fair, held September 9 at Christie's, Rockefeller Center, was a big success. The American Friends wish to thank Christie's for their generosity and help in hosting this event and also the many individuals who generously donated books and time in helping. Above all, we would like to thank Faith Pleasanton, who gave an enormous amount of time, energy and expertise to the event. Without her it could not have happened. The Friends would also like to report the generosity of John Treacy Beyer, whose gift assisted the MA students on their study trip to Florence; and the Robert Lehman Foundation, Inc. for their recent gift which will provide the Robert Lehman Scholarship for two years for American students studying at the Courtauld Institute.

Barbara Ventresco
Executive Director