The Michael Kitson Scholarship Fund

Thank you to everyone who made a donation to The Michael Kitson Scholarship Fund during the past year — we are very grateful to you. Your generosity means that during the current academic year, 2001/2002, we are offering two Michael Kitson Scholarships of £2,805 (full fees). In the next newsletter we will be able to tell you about the recipients of the scholarships.

In 2000/2001 The Michael Kitson Scholarship was awarded to Helen Miles who has now completed her MA studies in the History of Dress, and her results will be announced in early November.

Nowadays all students wishing to pursue a University education are faced with financial diffculties. It is particularly hard for those wishing to further their study and research at postgraduate levels; there are no longer any government grants and grant-making trusts are under increasing pressure to fund all areas of activity in addition to education. This means that postgraduate students may have great diffculty in raising money to help themselves.
The Michael Kitson Scholarship Fund provides financial help in the form of fees and maintenance and is dependent on donations raised from past students of the Institute. We would like to raise £6,000 during the next year so that we can continue to offer at least two scholarships in the next academic year, and we would be grateful for your continuing support.

Annual Reunion and Book Sale

The Courtauld Association of Former Students Annual Reunion took place on 28 June 2001. John Newman, who retired at the end of the term gave the assembled alumni a lively illustrated talk about his life in art history outside the Courtauld. Accompanied by slides of buildings he had catalogued and helped preserve, his comments and observations were received with enthusiasm by his former students and colleagues who filled the lecture theatre. The group then moved downstairs to the Gallery for a lively drinks party.

The Second hand Book Sale

The 6th second hand book sale took place in the last month of term. In addition to our usual very generous supporters we were fortunate to receive John Newman’s academic library, full of irreplaceable, out-of-print volumes and the library of Mary Parry, who had moved from her home to a retirement home. She had collected many landmark books at the time of their publication. The sale benefitted greatly from these two collections, and raised over £10,000 for the Association and newsletter of the Institute.
Jane Ferguson

Artists and Patrons in Post-War Britain

These essays by post-graduate students at the Courtauld are edited by Margaret Garlake, and published by Ashgate. Essays include: "Aspects of British Tachisme 1946-57", Fiona Gaskin; "A Measure of Heaven: the early Gregory Fellowships at the University of Leeds", Marion Williams; "A place for living art: the Whitechapel Art Gallery 1952-1968", Mary Yule; "The Triumph of the New American painting: MoMA and Cold War cultural diplomacy", Stacey Tenenbaum; 'Place’, Toby Treves. Copies can be purchased at the Courtauld Institute at the reduced price of £29.50 at the Institute Reception.

Stella Mary Newton Memorial Service

The Memorial Service for Stella Mary Newton will take place on 27 October at the Church of the Holy Redeemer, Exmouth Market, London ec1 at 12 noon, followed by a reception in the church hall.

Courtauld Outing, Spring, 2002

This is how Charles Clare, Zillah Halls, Margaret Whinney, Pamela Tudor-Craig, Rosemary Clay, Mrs. Wilde and Anthony Blunt enjoyed an outing in 1948. CAFS proposes an outing to Allington Castle in Kent and other little known locations. Tell us whether a date in late May or early June would be best and come along. Please contact Robin Simon on 0207 787 6944 (answerphone), e-mail or write to the Development Office at the Courtauld.

Levels of Support

The Friends of the Courtauld Institute of Art have always supported the Institute generously. Our annual donation to the Institute ensures support for the work of the Conway, Witt and Book Libraries, the Courtauld Institute News, and the work of the Development Office. In order to continue offering support at an appropriate level the Management Committee of the Friends decided that it was timely to consider membership subscription. We are now asking all our Friends to give a donation of £50 each year with no reduced rates for former students, and there are additional levels of membership at £250, £500 and £1,000. All subscriptions can now be eligible for Gift Aid; every donation of £1 can be increased by an additional 28p.

The Development Office is contacting all our members during the year — please do maintain your support for the Courtauld Institute of Art, and consider increasing your donation. If you are able to support the Institute by donating to scholarships, or would like to help in other ways, please write to me, or contact the Development Office direct. We need your help.

Timothy Llewellyn
Chairman, Management Committee of The Friends of The Courtauld Institute

Appeal for a Volunteer Accountant

Are you a qualified accountant and interested in increasing your support to the Courtauld Institute? We are looking for a volunteer who would be interested in undertaking the accounting for the Friends Trust and the CIA Fund at the Courtauld Institute. Work would include reporting to Trustees and the Management Committee of the Friends. It would need a maximum of 36 days a year, spread across both charities.