At this year’s Annual Reunion Eric Fernie and Conrad Atkinson described their contrasting reactions to some the Courtauld’s best known Impressionist paintings, inspiring their audience to see their old friends (the paintings) in a new way. Conrad Atkinson will further challenge his viewers with his paintings in the gallery this Autumn.

Book Sale

Once again the reception area of the Institute was taken over by books for three weeks. The 6th annual second-hand book sale earned over £7000 for the Courtauld Association of Former Students and the newsletter. The organisers thank everyone who contributed books very much indeed for their generosity.
They also acknowledge the great effort made by many staff, students and former students, who help to make the book sale the success that it is.

Staff News

Jennifer Fletcher retired in July this year. An article about her will be published in the next issue of the News.

Congratulations are due to the four Professors who were appointed this year. They are:
Professor Paul Crossley
Professor John Lowden
Professor David Solkin
Professor Patricia Rubin


Professor Eric Fernie has been elected Fellow of the British Academy.

Lesley Lewis, b. 1909, M.A. 1938, was awarded a medal by the Society of Antiquaries for her services to the Society, of which she has been a Fellow since 1964.