This year Tim Llewellyn stepped down both as Chairman of the Friends of the Courtauld Institute and as a member of the Advisory Board. He has been a supporter of the Courtauld since he became a member of the Friends Committee and very shortly thereafter its Chairman, following Sir Geoffrey Agnew in 1987. It is quite simply the case that with Tim’s leadership the Friends have become so good at raising funds for the Institute that we have almost become used to annual subventions of up to £100,000. These have enabled us to undertake many activities not funded from our normal sources of income, most notably the Friends Spring lecture series. Tim, in the early days of its existence, made a major contribution to the well-being of the Courtauld Association of Former Students, the effects of which have been far-reaching.

Tim’s contribution has however not only been through chairing meetings, raising funds and helping to keep parts of the organisation in good shape. He also, an unquantifiable gain, has helped to create at the Courtauld a working ambience which is friendly, understanding and supportive. As Director I know what I am talking about, as I have benefited on numerous occasions from Tim’s wise and approachable counsel. Someone who is even better informed in this regard, Valerie Neild, who was Secretary of the Friends from 1987 to 1996, confirms my experience of Tim as a great pleasure to work with, someone who enjoys the good things of life and wants to share them, all to the great advantage of the Courtauld. We are greatly in his debt and shall sorely miss him.