Immediations, the Courtauld Institute’s new annual research journal, will be launched in Spring 2004. Immediations will publish original, high-quality research produced by students whilst studying at the Institute. The contents of the journal will include research from across the spectrum of art history, from antiquity to the present. By employing approaches as diverse as historiography and aesthetics, politically informed analysis and contemporary theoretical debate, the common denominator of Immediations will be its commitment to thorough academic inquiry, inspired by the unique resource facilities at the Institute. Being mainly student run, the journal provides an exceptional opportunity for the development of key professional skills.

The six articles included in the first issue of Immediations are:

  • 'Rescuing Difference: Ambiguous Heroism in Benjamin West’s General Johnson Saving a Wounded French Officer from the Tomahawk of a North American Indian’,
  • 'Men in Gowns: Nightgowns and Masculine Identity in Eighteenth-Century Britain’,
  • '"Tending the lamp" or "minding their own business"? Bloomsbury art and pacifism during World War I’,
  • 'Back to the Drawing Board: Feminist Reconsiderations in the Work of Jenny Saville and Sarah Sze’,
  • '"Bizarre, monstrueuse, folle, incompréhensible, presque obscène": Picasso’s first 1927 Cannes sketchbook and the monument to Apollinaire’,
  • 'Sexual Politics; John Stuart, Earl of Bute and Augusta, Dowager Princess of Wales in the Satirical Press, 1760-62’.

For subscription rates and information about sponsorship, please contact: Immediations is a non-profit journal.

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